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Our Mission:

We strive to be an industry leader, implementing cutting edge and tried-and-tested training methods to serve the needs of our students, the nursing profession, and the community at large.

Our mission is to: 


Evidence-based Quality Care

Provide evidence-based quality care by ensuring that students can access the latest scientific information on nursing care

Scientific Approach

Demonstrate excellence by applying the scientific approach to nursing care

Promote Compassionate Care

Promote the provision of compassionate care through enforcing our core values of humility and respect

Educate nurses

Educate nurses to provide care sensitively to all patients throughout the lifespan by exposing them to diverse learning situations

Our programme aligns with the International Council of Nurse’s principles in addressing the Millennium Development Goals, including the Bellagio Sustainable Development Goals through the Primary Health Care approach. As such, Bronberg’s nursing course moves beyond meeting basic human needs by promoting dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable development through better living standards, improved job skills, and productive life expectancy.

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